New verion of firmware for Mitsubishi Electric aircon support Home Assistant and web control (DIY ESP chip over CN105 port)

Long time I have not post any on this forum, since my HA setup work perfect for 5 years.
I recently rewrite the code to support multi langues at build time. And may add many features in the future like support Matter or Homekit, support Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.
You can download it in the release sessions: GitHub - dzungpv/mitsubishi2MQTT: Mitsubishi to MQTT with ESP8266/ESP32 module

Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are two separate and rival companies with competing air conditioners. Which company does this support?

It is wrote on the title: for now only Mitsubishi Electric wtih CN105 port, but if you have the Heavy variant, there are some project support it, since I do not own any Heavy one, It must be some co-working in order to make it work with minimal change.
You can create issue in the git to discuss if you want more information about support for Mitsubishi Heavy.