New version, new numbering

I see a new esphome has been released, and is now following the home assistant version numbering. The new version is 2021.8.0.

That is going to be confusing, but good on you @jesserockz and all the team.

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Well, that was kind of expected, since esphome is now a part of HA…
What i would like to see in esphome in a future is a different, more clear “home screen”. I have now quite a number of devices in HA and i have to look quite extensively to find the one i need. Ok, they are alphabeticly ordered, but still… Some kind of grouping would be very welcome… i don’t know… say, like folders (outside, cellar, 1st floor, 2nd floor etc…).

I think more correctly part of nabu casa, but yes we will see more synergy.

Yes some organisation on the home page would be good, although it is getting better all the time.

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