New version of forum software?

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I do most of my Hass configuration on my cellphone. And yes: I do quite some copy pasting of the useful stuff others post. Since a few days I am unable to copy paste any code from the forum anymore. As soon as I highlight a piece of text an annoying ‘quote’ box appears which prohibits me from copying anything from the forum on my cellphone.

Would it be possible to shut off this new addition to the forum software?

There hasn’t been any changes recently that suddenly cause the quote box to appear. It has always happened for me with any Discourse install.

You can disable Enable quote reply for highlighted text in your user settings to fix this.

Thanks @robbiet480! That did the trick. A bit strange though that this tick was set automatically in the past few days.

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Minor update: I added a new “copy to clipboard” button to all code blocks last night.