New weather card: multiple issues

The new weather card was introduced with 0.109 with new design and new features. One of the features is that it is possible to switch off the forecast, which, in my opinion, is very convenient. Also it should work better in smaller screens according to the description, though, might need some fix.
However, it seems there are few more issues, does anyone experience the same:

I don’t like this card.
Like the new media player card, it doesn’t match the UI design of HA.
It would be great to get the old one back.
Maybe someone can da a custom-card from the old one?

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I was having the same thoughts about a custom-card, it can still be as a fallback position. However, I believe users can provide a constructive feedback to the author of this new card via the issue above. Hopefully, the opinions will be heard and improvements will be made. Therefore, encourage you to support the issue via comments or likes if you agree.

It’s hard for me to discuss about such things because my english is not the best. (Took me a few minutes to write this with a translater)

However i have the impression that decisions are made by the devs and they don’t care about the opinions of us users.


Even though I have the same impression, it shouldn’t be the case as long as this an open-source project. There are few examples here when users managed to influence the devs. Otherwise, if devs (aka people), especially of the interface, do not listen users (aka people), this will be beginning of the end of the project.

I agree that there are a few improvements in the new card like being able to have more control over setting forecast. I think what would make everyone happier is to make it even more customizable. Obviously there are other people (at least one) that prefers the new card. But, more customisation would give the best of all worlds. I would want:

  • Choice of “pretty” icons or mdi icons
  • Choice of number of forecasts to view
  • Choice of secondary attributes to show

I like it, much more clear and bold.

If you use the default HA theme, or no theme, half the icons are invisible. No matter how I play with my monitor settings, this is what I get :

The icons are visible in 0.110.0b2 ! Big improvement :slight_smile:

I agree, I still prefer the old mdi icons to be consistent in design with the rest of the frontend.
But the new ones I’ve seen are acceptable.

I’d love to know if anyone can figure out how to get the mdi icons to work using the custom theme approach incoming in 0.110.

I wouldn’t say the improvements are big so far. The main issue about significantly reduced usefulness of the new wheather card has not been resolved and it looks that the dev doesn’t see it as a problem. For example, you will not be able to see at a glance whether it will be heavy rain or just few drops, or it is a storm or dead calm, whether the pressure is raising or dropping. The dev has decided that these fundamental whether attributes are not important for you or, at best, you can choose only one of the attributes. Ah, it’s beauty.