New widgets: heater(switch/slider) and light with colorpicker

the latest 2 new widgets are now on my github.

this is all that is there untill now

@thundergreen it might not be the most beautifull colorpicker, but it should work on most platforms.


could u please make a screeny from color picker? :slight_smile:

it is realy platform dependant.
on the pc it looks like this:

at least on my windows 10 pc with chrome.

but on the tablet it looks completely different and takes 2 steps. on my old tablet anyway.

and as you see it takes the installed language from the OS

wow !! taht’s great man! I will try this out :slight_smile: Thanks for your efforts here for this project and the community

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I’m really new to all this. Could you direct me to how i could use this color selector on my dashboard?


its all in the readme.

Oh… I see now, not sure how I missed that.

thanks again