New Xbox Integration - Missing commands

Hello, I switched to the new native Xbox integration and I have the base configuration working. I also have the A, B, X, Y, and direction pad controls working, but there were a bunch more commands available with the old custom component. From what the integration page says, it seems that the ABXY and dpad commands are all that is available. I am posting this in hopes that maybe the integration page is just incomplete.

With the old integration if I would go to IP.ADDR.OF.HA:5557/device/MYDEVICEID/media or IP.ADDR.OF.HA:5557/device/MYDEVICEID/media I would find a list of available commands. I created a rest command so I could call all of the input and media commands in scripts. For example, some of the other commands that I am looking for are nexus, menu, view, right shoulder, left shoulder.