New yeelight GU10 bulb unsupported?

Hi , I have the new Yeelight GU10 Bulbs and managed to add it to HA via integration.

However , no device/entities is created.

Any solutions?



Same here.


Lan control is enabled.

Maybe has something to do with this ?

don’t think. Yeelight integration just don’t have this GU10 model on it.

Help please! actually i’ve got 6 bulbs of this …

Help with what exacly? You should either not have bought it as it’s not on the supported devices list or be patient untill it gets added.

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I have succesfully added it via standart yeelight integration. Firstly i have added it to yeelight app and choosed local mode and after it yeelight integration in HA sucessfully found this bulb in local network.
I have yeelight gu10 smart bulb w1 (gu10 colour)

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I have the same. A Color and a w1.

But it seems that HA can hold the connection.
It says it’s offline but in the yeelight app it’s still working. After a power cycle it’s working for a few minutes. I have nog problems with the color bulb

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Hey all.

I also got this problem. GU10 color version is working fine, warm white version only works for some minutes after power cycle. Yeelight App works fine, so I guess it’s a HA related problem.

I’m running Home Assistant 2021.12.8. Is this issue fixed in HA2022.x ? Does anybody know?

,anyone found the root-cause of that issue , I am struggling the same problem