New youfibre isp and now no external access

Hi ive recently changed isp to youfibre in the uk and all is well except now i cannot connect via duckdns and only locally, from what ive read youfibre uses a gnat system whatever that is and block all incoming ports. im using my original router which had ports 8123 and 443 forwarded and worked well. does anyone know of a way around this to give me external access back.


Hi Martin, guess you mean CGNAT: are you 100% sure about that?
If so, have a look at this: Search results for 'CGNAT' - Home Assistant Community

hi yes im sure, ive installed tailscale and regained remote access and works well, seem to have lost google tts though now

You fibre don’t allow server hosting. Therefore without using something like a VPN you will need to pay for a static IP address to avoid the CGNAT.