New YouTube channel that covers smart home stuff!

Hey everyone! Since this appears to be allowed here… I started a YouTube channel - original, I know. My channel covers more than just Home Assistant/smart home stuff, but the HA content I’ve uploaded so far seems to be the most popular.

I just got all new gear for content creation, and I’m really working on honing my video making skills, and delivering quality content.

Here is a link to the latest video:

As the channel grows, I will be giving away three Amazon Fire tablets, and when the channel reaches 1000 subscribers, I’ll have something special. Please drop by, check out the video, and let me know what you think - good or bad, and let me know if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see covered.

Thank you so much for your time.


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How to set up Nabu Casa:

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Been a while since I did a video, but here’s my latest one:

Code mentioned in the video is below.

Remember to modify all the entities to match those in your system!

Temperature sensors for floor cards:

Kitchen: {{ states('sensor.my_temperature_sensor_1') }}° F
Parlor: {{ states('sensor.my_temperature_sensor_2') }}° F

Icon color code for on/off:

{% if is_state('light.kitchen_lights', 'on') %}
{% endif %}

Leak sensor code:

 - type: template
        content: >-
          is_state('binary_sensor.my_leak_sensor', 'off') %}
            Sink: dry
          {% else %}
            Sink: WET!
          {% endif %}
        icon: >-
          is_state('binary_sensor.my_leak_sensor', 'off') %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
        icon_color: >-
          is_state('binary_sensor.my_leak_sensor', 'off') %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
        entity: binary_sensor.my_leak_sensor
          action: more-info

card mod to change the color of the light card:

  style: |
    :host {
      --mush-rgb-state-light: var(--rgb-yellow-color)

Floor temp sensor chips:

        content:  {{ states('sensor.my_temp_sensor_1') }}° Kitchen

Count lights on in subtitle field per floor:

      {% set total = 0 %}
      {% if is_state('light.my_light_1', 'on') %} 
      {% set total = total + 1 %} 
      {% endif %} 
      {% if is_state('switch.my_light_2', 'on') %} 
      {% set total = total + 1 %} 
      {% endif %} 
      {% if total == 1 %} 
      {% set output = 'light On' %} 
      {% else %} 
      {% set output = 'lights On' %} 
      {% endif %} 
      {{total}} {{output}}