New Zigbee Sensor Stuck Detecting Motion

Hey HA community! First post here, so bear with me, but I’ve been an HA user now for a few months and everything has been going great across my integrations for the most part. I’ve been digging into using Zigbee a bit more and so far have had a great experience using it for motion and door sensors. However, I went and purchased another Linkind motion sensor (my 5th) and it seems that adding this 5th sensor does not want to work. My other 4 sensors which are identical work great. This new one just gets stuck in “detecting” and I can’t get it to go back to “clear”.

Wondering if there’s a way for me to get better debug out of this and if someone can shed light on the issue itself. I thought my sensor was faulty and that was the issue, but the new sensor has the same issue. I read a little bit about interference, etc but turning off wifi, etc doesn’t seem to help with interference. My other sensors have no issues at all. Worth noting I am in an apt, so my ability to completely remove WiFi interference is impossible, but I could look into changing channels if that seems like it would help. This issue has been exclusive to this particular motion sensor, so I feel unlikely related to interference. Also worth noting the original sensors were added months ago and this is on a much newer HA version that I’ve been adding this new sensor.

Happy to provide any relevant details, but in my searching I haven’t found any good leads as of yet

Conbee II
Linkind motion sensor: Link -

Software Versions:
Home Assistant 2022.2.0


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Please let me know if you find a solution. I have exactly the same issue with the same device.

Seconded. Just tried to set one of these up and I have the exact same problem. Pulling the battery clears the state until motion is detected again…