New ZigBee stick - What happens to my devices?

Good morning everyone,
I am currently operating Z2M in my HA with a Zigbee CC2652P USB dongle and approx. 60 devices. As this stick is causing me more and more problems, I would like to replace it with an identical but newer stick.
If I replace it now, what happens to the paired devices, scripts and automations? Do I have to completely re-pair and reconfigure everything or is there a way to keep my setup?

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It depends on which adapter you have and are going to. In your case (CC2652 → CC2652) you should not need to re-pair. Check out the docs here.

I migrated from a CC2652R to CC2652P7 without having to re-pair. If you haven’t bought a new coordinator yet do as @mekaneck suggests and read the docs.

@DeeKaa I’m curious how you know its having problems? I am trying to troubleshoot a flakey ZHA network and looking for pointers!

There are several “try firsts” when troubleshooting a flakey network:

  • Make sure the dongle is plugged into a powered USB hub and has an extension cable
  • What’s the distance from the dongle to the first mains powered Zigbee device?
  • What’s the distance from the problematic Zigbee device and it’s nearest mains powered neighbor?
  • Are you using strange off-brand Chinese Zigbee devices? Anyone can throw Zigbee on a device and call it automated but many are better than others
  • Have you verified that your WiFi network isn’t on the same channel as your Zigbee dongle? They can crash into each other.

Those tend to be the primary culprits. The dongle could be bad, absolutely, but you could also have one of the above or even a “jabbering” Zigbee device that is clogging up the network too.

If it is a recent problem remove any devices added in or shortly before the time frame.

My anecdotal example is Sonoff power plugs do not mix well with my net. I added Sonoff plugs and various issues started a few days later. Replaced wih Sengled plugs and the net went back to rock solid. After firmware updates were released, I added a couple of the Sonoff plugs back. Issues started again. Removed them and net was stable again.

Sonoff plugs clearly don’t play well with something in my device mix. The “something” may be the real cause, but removing the plugs resolved my issues.

That’s what I am now thinking as I see a few of my mains powered plugs having a lot of RED connections. The other thing i need to disclose is this install is from an old house. I backed up the entire HA moved to the new home and restored on a new NUC. The HUbZ dongle is plugged into a Powered USB and is using the extension cable that came with the SkyConnect (i never decided to deploy). The closest router is actually the Basement monitor (the redline with the 88), approx 10 feet away through 1 dryboard wall.

The plugs in question are Tradfi and ThirdReality and samjn (Smartthings)

Should I replace the routers that are showing a lot of RED with say a Securifi (which in my net) is solid green and some yellows?

My other more nuclear thought would be reset everything, and start deploying the routers beginning with the closet first.

A number of you folks have hijacked the OP’s @DeeKaa thread that was looking for help on their Zigbee2MQTT setup to talk about your issues on ZHA. Not sure that is a cool or helpful thing to do, IMHO.


Before even starting to troubleshoot any deeper you should make sure to read this and try to follow all the tips here → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference and optimize for getting better range + coverage

Regardless of what Zigbee gateway solution you are using, following all of the tips usually resolves most weird and intermittent issues (at least if the root cause was related to old firmware, EMF interference, and/or having too few Zigbee Router devices).