Newb needing help getting Aeotech zstick to show up in Hardware

Hello to all you home automation gurus, I’m pulling my hair out trying to configure this z-stick… A bit of background; windows 10 64bit new install of O.S 5.10, and very new to this.
I have tried to simply installing the zwave integration and getting “Z-Wave validation failed. Is the path to the USB stick correct?”, I’m guessing this is due to it not showing up in the hardware. For some reason HA is not seeing the stick?? Had it running on, I hate to say the name, openhab previously so I know the stick is good as its only a month old also. The stick shows up in device manager as plugged into COM3 but HA is not seeing it? Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

You are running a virtual machine in Hyper-V? Or WSL? Or VMware? Any other type of virtualization?

Hi Rick, virtual box

Maybe some of the screenshots / discussion in this topic can help you?

Thanks for your direction Rick, I think it was a combination of having to add an extension to virtual box and then waiting/restarting then waiting again, a wind direction change then another restart and hey presto it showed up in hardware. Then had to copy and paste the path. Very similar procedure to adding z-wave devices, pull more hair out, wait, restart, wind change and boom! They all appeared??
Now if I could only figure out why my WD200 dimmer is only showing its status, but wont allow me to dim or turn on or off, I foresee more hair loss.
This is starting to consume an unhealthy amount of my time, is that normal?

Good you have the basics working at least :slight_smile: No hair loss yet on my end (using Docker on Linux), and maybe I have the luck of not having many types of hardware, my Aeotec dimmers work just fine. I know somebody is working on updating device compatibility in bulk, maybe that will help.