Newbe coming from Openhab

Hi All,
New here, made the move from openhab, slowly getting the hang of Home Assistamnt but i am stuck on one major thing,

I have a personal weather station that has its own website on my network, in Openhab i used to use REGEX to get the UV infor to trigger my home lights at a certain “LUX”.

I cannot for the lifr of me get the LUX value to report from the webpage. Ive tried to use the scrape method but its returning an ‘unknown’

Can i use REGEX in Home Assistant or does anyone know of a better way to get this info into openhab.

I have tried the Wunderground way but the API does not report LUX.

Weatherstation WEBPAGE

Code so far…

- platform: scrape
  name: Weather UV
  select: "body > table > tbody > tr:nth-child(123) > td.line-content > span:nth-child(2) > span:nth-child(12)"
  value_template: ''
  unit_of_measurement: Lux

Thanks all

It would be easier if the weather station had an actual API.
What brand/model is it?

It would indeed!

its a Aercus Instruments™ WeatherSleuth® - Professional IP Weather Station with Direct Real-time Internet Monitoring - Aercus Instruments

I guess this will help:

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Yet another way to get data from the weather station to Home Assistant:

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Thanks Chris, this was spot on! (after i figured out how to load the intergration)