Newbi Question: Floorplan / WWW Folder


I’m a newbi to HASSio, but am a regular on Linux and system / networking stuff.
I have HASSio running on my Raspberry PI 3B+, with a 32 GB SD (fast) card as storage.
Lovelace is working, so is SSH access and a number of things.

I can login, I found the yaml config files, but where is the www folder I need to implement Floorplan?

Any pointers?



If you don’t have this directory, you need to create it yourself. It should be in the same directory as configuration.yaml.

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Thx for the fast reply.

The configuration.yaml file is in my installation under /config.

Do you mean like this: /config/www or /www ?

Subfolders like /config, /data, /backup all seem to be on the top level (root directory).
And what permissions do i need to give?


Correct, config/www

Make sure you reboot after :slight_smile:


Yes exactly, and restart as @Vasco said.

Please be informed that if you want to reference to the www directory in your yaml configuration you have to do it like this:
E.g. if you have a file test.jpg inside the www directory and want to use it in the floorplan you use it like this:


Just to confirm that things work as expected, but:

the Folder www needs to be on top level, not under config/.

And all references to the www folder has to be in form /local/, as @Burningstone said above


Could it be that your folder structure is like this?

|_ configuration.yaml
|_ config
  |_ file.xy
  |_ file.ab


Not quite:

|_ root (linux top level)
|_ backups
|_ config
|_ |_ configuration.yaml
|_ data
|_ www (This is new and works here!)

The traditional linux folders /etc, /var etc. have been left out above…

Sorry I don’t get it :sweat_smile: Do you have a directory config inside the directory config?

Sry, can’t seen to get the same form as you do, but should be understandable now…

There’s a config on the top level
configuration.yaml is in that folder

Ok. Strange. Anyway, it works, that’s the most important thing :slight_smile:


Now to customize the Floorplan…
Good thing i’ve got Inkscape on my box already…