Newbie at HA looking for some hardware advice

Hi guys,

I finally got a Sonoff basic2 couple of days ago. Found out that HA doesn’t support it natively but with HACS support is possible (a bit weary at trying to flash for now)

Anyway question is:
What’s everyone’s opinion on sonoff and also the website that sells them
My house construction is moving along and I’m thinking either have Sonoff POW R2 on all sockets + lights with wireless switches (sonoff again?) to control each light/group or find a good value socket that integrates energy monitoring and also works with HA.

I’ve estimated that I’ll need 100 single (sockets+lights) overall. Is there any POW with multiple channels? Would love to know.
Also opinions on how much power they draw while idle? Mine seems to be quite warm to the touch

Different topic:
Anyone got recommendations on a food thermometer that can integrate with HA to monitor temps of slow cooking stuff like sous-vide and take actions


I have about 20 sonoff T 1, 2 and 3 gang plus about 10 basics.
I’ve had them since dec 2017. No problems at all.
In fact I’ve involuntarily shorted 1 or 2 messing with them and still work
All flashed with tasmota

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Thank you for the feedback! I guess I’ll have to look at this flashing thing then.
Is there a place where we can see comparison between different firmwares like tasmota and I think es-something :sweat:

Also do you use any actual smart wall sockets?

Thats a fair bit to put on wifi, perhaps look at z-wave. z-wave is more expensive but I have had a great experience with them. You can get 2 channel switches with power monitoring as well as plenty of sensors (even temp, motion etc all in one) and dimmers / fan controllers

ESPhome. The good thing with ESPhome is the native HA API

digiblur has a few videos comparing tasmota and esphome. they both work really well.
I would say it’s a matter of preference.

i do have a few teckin wall plugs, which you can flash with tuya convert.