Newbie help for custom_components

I am using HA on Virtualbox and I am trying to install the Tapo100 bulb integration from github. The folder has been added to the custom_components folder and I (think) have followed the config instructions but the integration/entity is not showing up after a reboot.

Welcome to the community, please read the guidelines here. Don’t post pictures of code, the code formatted as explained in point 11 of the linked guidelines.
Also it would be the best to ask directly in topic for this custom component -> here or at least add a link to the custom component.

Marc most probably already provided the solution.
Check the notification you got there, could be that it shows you the error as well. Also did you check Configuration -> Logs?

My apologies. I’m a 1st time poster here so I was unaware of the regs regarding pictures

It’s not a regulation as such. It is just easier for us to copy / paste / edit text to provide you with a solution than having to type it all out from your picture. Make it easy for us to help you and you are more likely to get an answer.