Newbie help with iOS app

i’m a recent convert to HA. i’ve “imported” a bunch of devices from an earlier setup with a different central controller (Indigo) so i am (possibly stupidly) starting with lack of HA experience, but a config with lots of devices and entities (mostly z-wave and insteon).

i’m trying to start up the HA IOS app on my iPhone. it appears to want to open on the “Overview” dashboard by default. as far as i can tell, something is causing this dashboard to load really really slowly and be generally unresponsive. at first, top part of “Overview” page shows, but page is otherwise unresponsive. after long delay, i can get the system menu to show along the left side of screen but it too is unresponsive - it will scroll but i can’t select any items from it. i can feel the phone get very warm after a few minutes of waiting, fwiw. so i’m pretty much stuck with the IOS app being completely unusable at this time.

in the HA mac app, i’ve gone to Settings>Dashboards> and tried making a different dashboard the default and tried hiding Overview dashboard, but it seems like these changes may be local to the mac client and don’t take effect on IOS, and thus don’t do anything for my basic problem.

any way i can set default page shown in IOS companion app to something other than overview? ideas on what might be causing default overview dashboard completely bog down my iPhone 15 or how to fix? thanks in advance for help/suggestions.