Newbie here - need install help

guys - i was originally looking at homeseer to start off my home automation project but realized I’m looking for something much simpler. I simply have 2 entry-door zwave locks, 2-3 zwave light bulbs, 1 future water heater leak sensor and that’s pretty much it. I’m thinking of buying the Aeotec Z-Stick and plug it into my computer’s usb port. The computer is always on and centrally located inside the home. Do you think that’s a good plan or you recommend other hardware? just trying to be as minimalist as possbile

Would the software be very processor or memory intensive on the computer or quite light? It’s my primary computer so don’t want anything crazy going on which will slow down my other tasks


I think it could definitely get you started but for the long term you’ll probably be better moving HA to its own system. I think with the few things you have stated a raspberry pi would be more than enough. Either way I use the Aeotec Z-stick myself and its been great with Home Assistant

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are both the software and the stick supported on windows server 2012 R2


Sorry I don’t know. I would quit using computers if I had to use windows :rofl:

ok can’t find any install guides on windows - will be useful if someone has a good link

Maybe you can use docker then just install

Or use a virtual machine to run a Linux and use that to host Home Assistant.

Another option could be to install the Linux Subsystem for windows and try running Home Assistant from that.

To me those options don’t fit your requirements but they do provide a path forward. Your best bet may just be spending the $35 on a raspberry pi
Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you

And there’s this

ok if raspberry pi is the easier install and what most fooks are doing that’s what i’ll do too