Newbie - How do you Save the User Profile settings?

Hi, I’m new to Home Assistant, and to non-Windows systems in general, so please assume dunce-level knowledge!

I’ve manage to get my head around most of HA and how to automate etc, but:

How on Earth do I save the User Profile settings?

I can select themes, behaviour of the sidebar, default dashboard, date/time format etc, but:

None of it sticks! Once I log out and log in again, it’s all gone back to defaults!

I can’t see a button to save the User Profile settings either?

How do I do it, please?



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Not, it was a “WTH” populair topic. Some thing you can work around, but mainly the saving is done in the browser via a cookie and not in homeassistant.

I hate that! :woozy_face:

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Hi, thanks for the speedy reply.

That’s annoying, but not impossible to work around.

Hopefully it won’t impact on my plans to set up some kind of kiosk mode on the tablet I’m using as a wall panel.


No, it won’t. :smiley: Just allow to save the cookies in the respective browser (not only for this session) and all works. I’d suggest to setup a different user for the tablet.

This is a weak answer. Cookies aren’t the solution for user preferences especially if the user can login from multiple devices. A preference for Dark Mode shouldn’t be stored in a cookie.


Yeah, this is very annoying.