Newbie - How to i get 24 hour format and not the AM/PM for logs and ui frontent?

Sorry, this is probably very obvious for most HA users, but to my defence, i am new to HA.

I cant seem to find any option to set the time format to 24h instead of AM/PM 12h format.
The localization is set to somewhere in Norway, (longitude, latitude), unit_system set to metric, language is set to English (I dont want Norwegian language in the front end)

Computer (mac ) is set to English, but in 24h format, Chrome is set to English but 24h format , javascript test (“alert(new Date().toLocaleTimeString());”) gives me 24 hour format .

I cant find ANY setting that i can set in Home assistant to get the correct time format.
Some lovelace cards has the option to set hour24: true, but most dont.

I have NEVER ever had problems getting a system/app/os to give me the right time format befoe.

I am new to HA, but this shouldnt be this difficult, so i am very embarrassed to have to ask for help to this issue. I have to been strugling with this for days, and are so sick and tired of this that i am considering to move to another system.


Formatting is based on Display language in profile settings

Try English UK (or GB) - iirc the default for the US is the 12 hour clock, but this side of the pond we prefer proper time :wink:

/waits to see if any Americans take the bait :joy:


Ohhh my god, finally … Thank you good sir <3. I was ready to move to another home automation system.

Defaulting to time format based on language is maybe a god idea, but i have NEVER ever used a system that force a time/date format based on Display language :joy:

What about all the Americans that smart enough to use 24H format?. Are the poor souls forced to this ridiculous AM/PM format or do they need to have British English as front end language ? :crazy_face:


I guess you must have found out by now, but for future reference for other users:
The language settings are being used for the time by default, but you can manually select the desired format from the user profile settings.


coming late but found the same issue. Which Profile? It seams tied to the HA-user but can’t find any profile settings.

When logging in as user “kiosk” I see AM/PM, when logging in as “owner” I get 24h time. Both consistently on Android/Opera, on Windows/Chrome and on Windows/Firefox… (running HA-blue for dummies, HA OS 7.6 and HA 2022.3.8 , Timezone Europe/Zurich, Frontend version: 20220301.2 - latest)


only thing, that worked for me is to change language settings of my browser from English (US) to English (UK)

Seems like you can now change the time format in the profile settings


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