Newbie- How to manage my electric heating system?

Hello everyone,
I’m an open source software enthusiast but newbie here and I’m planning to manage my electric heating system with home automation.
Each room has a radiator connected to the electrical outlet. I live in Switzerland and these are the radiators: Stiebel Eltron:
I would like to put a digital thermometer (Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth termometer 2 Wireless Smart igrometer) in each room and set, via a smart socket (Ikeka TRÅDFRI
Wireless control outlet), so that the radiator turns on, when the respective thermometer detects that the temperature has gone below the set temperature.

Is this possible using this hardware & software?

  • Raspberry Pi 4 with Some linux distro (what do you suggest?)

  • Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth termometer 2 Wireless Smart igrometer

  • Ikea TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet

  • HomeAssistant

Do I need more hardware (es. a gateway) or software?

Thanks in advance

I suggest installing Home Assistant OS when you are new to Home Assistant.

Do you need a display showing the temp in each room? Personally I use the Xiaomi temp/humidity sensors without a display and the temperature is then shown in Home Assistant

You need a ZigBee coordinator for the IKEA plug and a Bluetooth gateway for the Temp sensors (you can use the Pi depending on how far away the sensors are from the Pi, however I suggest using the sensors without a display which are ZigBee as well).
For zigbee I can recommend the ConBee II.

A fellow swiss guy :slight_smile:

Yes it is possible, but

if newbie, use HA OS

Depends of the size of your house, but you will probably need a esp32 or two to catch the bluetooth signal

a supported Zigbee stick

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So reading your answer I think I can try to do it :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m planning to do:

Buy Raspberry Pi 4 installing Home Assistant OS

Buy Ikea TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet with Zigbee coordinator to buy es. ConBee II or Sonoff ZigBee Bridge

If I need a Zigbee coordinator I think it’s better to choose a Temperature sensor Zigbee instead of the bluetooth one, for example this one.

Am I right?

Read this :

Hi from Lausanne :wink:

You can control easily and efficiently these radiators with Fil Pilot system. I have built quite few ones for parent house to control their radiators properly with HA ! You’ll find all details here on Jeedom forum (Réaliser un Fil pilote avec ESPEasy. - Forum Communauté Jeedom), original project is using ESPEasy but mine I have flashed them with ESPHome so it integrates natively with HA :wink:

Have fun


Thank you Francis.
I’ll buy a ConBee II to be sure it works.

Hi from Ticino Vincèn,
your link it’s interesting but I’m not able to do that. I’m looking for easy & ready solution… I’m a newbie.
My idea is to manage it simply with Ikea smart plugin that start/stop depending on temperature and set ranges.
Thank you