Newbie I can't install i2c module

Hello All,
This is the error:

INFO Reading configuration…
Failed config

sensor.bh1750: [source /config/esphome/lux_sensor1.yaml:19]

Component sensor.bh1750 requires component i2c.
platform: bh1750
name: BH1750 Illuminance
address: 35
update_interval: 60s

I have found these instructions:

I am pretty sure that I have followed them. Anyone got any suggestions how to proceed.

I am a Mac user.

Thank you for any help & Best wishes.


Do you want to setup an esphome node?
For i2c, you need to add:


to your lux_sensor1.yaml

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Well that was simple. Now works. Thank you for your help.

Perhaps I should look to add something to that page?
Don’t know how but I will look to see if I can figure it out.
As for a newbie that was not really obvious.

Best wishes.