Newbie - I see no Add-ons at the menu-bar. I installed following the image procedure

Hello, I am a senior who likes gadgets and Home automation. My name is Eric, 59 years, living in The Netherlands. I hope you experts can help me with my quest to automate my home.

As a newbie I installed HomeAssistant using the image file.
It took me a while but now it is working. The only thing I miss is the ‘ Add-ons’ menu.
Just followed the steps from ‘Getting started’ but I can not find the Add-Ons.
What did I do wrong?

welcome eric :wave:

did you take the installing hassio route or did you follow the alternative installation methods link?

the add-ons menu is only available for instalations, not for the alternative methods.

so did you in fact install or “just” home assistant?

and if you installed did you accidentally remove/comment out the line that says discovery in your configuration.yaml file?

did you already try if restarting the device solves your problem?

Hi Florian,
Thank you for your reply.
I installed using the image method. So I think it is an alternative way. The did not do the trick for me.
Is it possible to install the configurator in any other way? Hope to get it done.

Please define ‘the image method’ (a link to the webpage you followed or something) - currently nobody understands what you have installed and we cannot help you until we know :slight_smile:
This is the way I installed HASS on my PI 3b+
hope this is what you meant.

In your configuration.yaml just add
Save configuration.yaml.
Restart Home Assistant from Configuration ==> General ==> Server management ==> Restart

Yes, so you haven’t installed hassio, you’ve installed hassbian - as such you do not get a hassio menu item and cannot use hassio addons.

Hope this helps.

This won’t work. He didn’t install hassio…

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I seem not to be able to load hassio. Not wired nor over wifi.
When I put in the USB stick my PI want to start up from there instead of the SD card.
As a newbie it is hard to figure out why things won’t work. :frowning:

The simple way to do this would be to start over.

  • Pull the SD card from the RasPi and put in in your SD card reader/writer
  • Download the image for your device
  • Download Etcher to write the image to an SD card
  • Put it back in the RasPi
  • Plug it into ethernet and let it start up

It looks like you installed Hasbian originally, which is not Hass.IO.
You can make it work, but it’s not as simple as what I described above, especially if you have nothing to loose as you have not set anything up yet.

Hi Silicon_Avatar, the issue is that both cabled and over wifi, a brand new SD Card it halts somewhere during install. Stays at the same line for 40 minutes and nothing happened. If I look at the lines on neither options it gets an IP address.

It stops on line { 36.703342} IPv6: Addrconf(netdev_change):hassio: link becomes ready

Hi Eric, welcome to the community. Do you have a class 10 sd card with 32gb. If so, you might need to reformat it to make it work again. To reformat the sd card again, use the following commands in cmd:
First open cmd by typing cmd in the windows search bar,
Cmd should be open
1.) diskpart
(if needed click yes on the pop-up box to give administration rights.)
2.) list disk
find the sd-card and fill in the number on the place of the X in step 3
3.) select disk X
4.) clean
5.) create partition primary
6.) format fs=fat32 quick
7.) assign
close cmd
now reflash the HASSIO software onto the sd-card. If this doesn’t work, you can contact me on my email: [email protected] I am dutch to so you can speak dutch to me.

@Plexat Did you manage to get past this line? I’m battling with the same problem.

Hi @Brausmith!
No, I did not. Whatever I tried it did not work for me.
Because I was told that you won’t miss anything I installed the homeassistant image instead.
That is working great. And I can install all even with Wifi and no ethernet connection.