Newbie multi room question

HI Guys

APlogies for my newbieness here. Just wandering into the path or multi room audio. I have a range of amazon speaker device, echo classics and dots and fire tvs… I know amazon has multiroom feature now but you need to be signed up for prime etc. With using home assistant, and i play local music say from plex or another library software on the server and stream this to zoned alexas in the house? Iv e been reading quite a bit, refering to using alexa in home automation and this video but i cant seem to find anything relating to multi zone streaming with home assistant to alexas.

unless something has changed very recently there is currently no way to play your local media files to Alexa.

Something has changed very recently in fact:

Do you have any links to show how this would be configured to set up an echo to play a local mp3 from HA? Those two links seem pretty technical to set up for an average user.

And I don’t know if you realized it but this thread is over 7 months old. :slightly_smiling_face: