Newbie - Overview Screen Set Up

I have just started Hassio on a Raspberry Pi.
I am really struggling to start and have a few questions.

What are the circles called at the top of the page?. At the moment i have
Remote UI - Unavailable
Anthony - Home
yr Symbol

I have got a list of known devices and added a user but can’t get them added to the top of the overview page.
How can I do this?


The circle icons are called badges.

Click on the three dots icon top right, select “configure UI” (take control if it prompts you). Press the (+) icon lower right and add a card. For example you can list items to display in a glances or entities card.

More on Lovelace cards:

If you want to add more badges instead of items in cards, you have to edit the view:

In the UI edit mode click on the pencil icon next to the view title along the top of the page and select the badges tab of the card that pops up.

Use the dropdown list to select the entities you want to appear as badges on the page.

Save the card and click the X icon top left to exit UI edit mode when done.