Newbie question about schedule a lamp

try entity

Entity is not in the list

I don’t have this your integration and don’t know what does it do. When you add a device ie. wifi light switch of zigbee device it will be on your devices list. Check your integration to see devices your added.
You can also check
Look for switch

Yes, TellStick is in that list, but it’s for “updates”

You probably didn’t set up this integration fully. Check the link above and set up switch and light as described in document. Your light should be in devices list.

My Tellstick is working in HA.
I have 2 switches configured, that I can turn on and off,

can you then copy their name something like switch.mylamp.something and paste that in devices list in automation.

Yes, I could paste the name of the Entity but it’s not possible to Save. I got an error “Message malformed: Integration ‘’ not found”

either you copied wrong name or you didn’t setup correctly this integration.

I don’t have a clue what I’m doing wrong

Go to settings - > system - > logs and check for errors especially from your integration. You can also load full logs.
Post it here just a relevant part because it will be huge.

I’m running the latest HA and almost all instructions and guidelines on internet and on forums seems to be based on older versions of HA. Maybe that’s because I don’t understand anything right now.
This is my absolute first try to make a simple schedule for one of my configured Nexa wall-switch (that I can manual turn on and off)
I should really appreciate an explanation, how to do this, from the very beginning.
It’s maybe some basic stuff that’s missing, but I don’t know

Go to Developer Tools > States and confirm switch.oo_5 is in the list (look in the Entity column). Confirm its current state value is either off or on (and not unavailable or unknown).

Or go to Settings > Devices & Services > Entities and confirm switch.oo_5 is in the list (look in the Entity ID column).

Yes, there it is and the state is Off

  • Using the Automation Editor, create a new, empty automation.
  • In the upper right hand corner of the Automation Editor, click the “kebab icon” (three vertical dots) and select Edit in YAML.
  • Delete whatever appears in the editing window.
  • Copy the following automation and paste it into the editing window.
alias: Nexa lamp controller
  - id: 'on'
    platform: time
    at: 19:00:00
  - id: 'off'
    platform: time
    at: 23:00:00
  - condition: time
    before: "00:00:00"
    after: "19:00:00"
      - mon
      - tue
      - wed
      - thu
      - fri
  - service: 'switch.turn_{{ }}'
      entity_id: switch.oo_5
  • Click the Save button and then click the Rename button.
  • Click the “kebab icon” again and select Edit in Visual Editor.
  • Your automation is now displayed in visual mode and has been saved and is functional.

Yes ! It’s working. :upside_down_face:
But, what do you mean by “Your automation is now displayed in visual mode” ?

Sorry, now I understand

The Automation Editor has two display modes:

  1. Visual
  2. YAML

You can toggle between the two modes via ‘Edit YAML’/‘Edit in visual editor’.

You initially switched the Automation Editor into YAML mode, copy-pasted the example I posted, saved it, then switched back to visual mode.

You can, of course, create/modify an automation entirely in visual mode. However, for sharing automation examples, it’s much easier to just copy-paste YAML than to post screenshots.

Thanks a lot !
Now it’s working and I’m happy.
It’s hard to explain problem, when you know nothing about this.
I’m in a learning phase.

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You’re welcome!

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