Newbie question: create the first entity failed

Hi, I’m Markus and newbie.
I still have HA now for 1/2 year. But still now I work with the basics in HA. I did a little bit of YAML. But not more then c/p. But now I tried to create me first own entity.
I have many Shellys at home and now i tried to add the power-entities in 1 value.

Thats my config:

  • configuration.yaml
    template: !include_dir_list template/
  • folder: template
  • file: sensor.yaml

the code:

name: "total energy"
unique_id: "total energy"
device_clase: "power"
unit_of_measurement: 'KW'
value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.120_power') | float +
states('sensor.wz_shelly_176_channel_1_power') | float +
states('sensor.wz_shelly_176_channel_2_power') | float +
states('sensor.192_power') | float +
states('sensor.196_power') | float) | round(0) }}"

Under development/templates/template-editor I get a value_template : “212”

My question: I searched the value “total energy” under actual entities. But i can not find anything.

Pls can anybody help me. What is my mistake. I look new for 3 night for any solution.

Thx Markus

You are using the legacy style template sensor configuration which should be included under the top-level key sensor, but you have included it under the template key. You should be using the current format, and you either need to include defaults for your floats or filter out non-numeric values.

Also… device_class (not device_clase).

What are you measuring? You have called your template sensor total energy, but the sensors seem to be power sensors. Energy is not the same as power - a power sensor would typically have W as a unit of measurement; an energy sensor would typically have kWh a unit of measurement.

If it’s any help, a “modern” template sensor should look something like this:

  - sensor:
      - name: "total_energy"
        state: '{{ states("sensor.washing_machine_energy")| float(0) + states("sensor.cooker_energy")| float(0) + states("sensor.computers_energy")| float(0) + states("sensor.smarthome_energy")| float(0) + states("sensor.lighting_energy")| float(0) }}'
        device_class: energy
        state_class: total_increasing
        unit_of_measurement: kWh

Hi Didgeridrew/Stiltjack.
many thx for answers. Will test it this weekend.