Newbie question: How to start starting programming python in hassio

Hi guys, I’m just starting with hassio on my RPi; I have almost setup all my KNX devices and defined some custom automations.
I want to make a mod in climate/; but I don’t know how to start.
I mean; where can I put to start developing? How to load it?
Maybe someone can point me to some documentation?

Thanks in advance.

The point is that I’m working with the hassio image on RPi. I don’t know much about docker; I know it’s a lightway container.
It’s possible to log through SSH and start adding/modifying python files?


The rest should be in the dev docs.

Hi silvrr; I have the ssh addon installed and running.

After logging throug ssh, I don’t know how to expose the docker container? to edit the source python files.

I think youre looking for custom component where you can edit your code in your config folder/custom_components
The code you will find on github

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Thank you very much. Placing files inside custom_components will do the trick.
Going to code!!