Newbie Questions regarding initial setup

I am a new user of home assistant. I have installed home assistant in a docker container of my raspberry PI and I am having some issues.

I did setup nginx proxy manager as a reverse proxy in my raspberry PI and I used it to setup a domain ( to open my home assistant configuration page. All this is working fine. However, I have the following issues.

  1. I installed home-assistant mobile app in my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and I did enter the URL as It took the address, I entered my username and password and then it failed with the message “Unable to register application. Check whether the mobile app integration is enabled in the home assistant configuration”.

  2. I did some research and it looks like I need to check the configuration.yaml file to see if mobile app integration is enabled or not. So, I thought of adding the File Editor addon and then only I realized that I am not having the supervisor menu item in the left side navigation menu. Can someone help?

Based on the one of the old forum post, it appears that the supervisor menu item will not be available in a virtualized environment. Is that true? Is a docker container considered as a virtualized environment? If so, is it possible to install the File Editor addon (and other addons as necessary) in my home-assistant installation?

Is the mobile app registration not working because of my custom URL settings? Does home-assistant support only the duckdns sub domains?

There are four official installation methods and only two of them include the Supervisor.

  • Home Assistant OS
  • Home Assistant Supervised

I believe you are using what is known as Home Assistant Container. It is effectively Home Assistant Core but distributed as a docker container. It doesn’t include the Supervisor.

You should probably remove your url from your post.

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Thanks for your responses.

I am managing all my services in raspberry PI with openmediavault/docker/portainer and I installed home-assistant with portainer using the image homeassistant/home-assistant:stable image.

Can I use a different image to pull home-assistant with supervisor enabled?

Same question, same answer. Only two installation methods support Supervisor and you aren’t running either of them. There are pre-requisites for Supervisor along with several other docker containers. In other words, here’s no ‘upgrade’ path from Home Assistant Container to Home Assistant Supervised (i.e. you have to install it).


I will delete the docker container that I have created.

My raspberry PI 4 is running Raspbian OS, which is technically debian. So, I will use the installation method mentioned in Section 2 of the URL [Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 10](http://Section 2 – Install Home Assistant Supervised).

Raspbian OS, like Ubuntu, are derivatives of Debian. Both work but are not officially supported. There’s an existing Community Guide for installing Home Assistant Supervised on Raspbian OS and it advises users to use Debian (so that the end-result will be an officially supported system).

For more information about this policy, refer to ADR-0014.

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