Newbie scene help

Hi all, I’m pretty new to this so apologies if it’s an easy thing that I’m just not seeing…

I have some zigbee lights, an Aqara FP1 and some scenes set up already. I am able to have the FP1 switch the lights on and off based on presence, but I want to add an ‘unless’ into the automaiton…

How to I make group:studio lights turn off if room is clear unless scene:stream is active?

Thanks in advance =P

There is no scene condition because scenes do not have states that can be interrogated. You call a scene and it sets some entities to particular states. There is no record that this scene is “active”.

One way around this is to set an input_select instead of calling the scene directly. Then an automation triggered by the state of the input_select sets the required scene. Later you can interrogate the input_select with a state condition to see what scene was set last.

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Ahh that explains it. I’ll give that a crack when I get home. Thanks for the advice!!