Newbie struggling with python script for ring

Hi all

I got my raspberry pi yesterday and installed hassio, so far I have my smart Life lights and enigma boxes working along with google home assistant.

I have enabled the ring component and it shows the last video on the HA Overview screen but I am trying to enable downloading the latest video. I am trying to follow the instructions at

I have created the folder /config/python_scripts on my PI and added the script shown in the above url into the new folder but I can’t figure out where I put the python_script: tag in the configuration.yaml file.

This is what I have:

No language indicated, so no syntax highlighting.
But let’s throw in a tag.

  username: MYUSERNAME
  password: MYPASSWORD

  - platform: ring

  - platform: ring

  - platform: ring

  download_dir: downloads


to me the python_script tag should need the path/name of the script but I could be totally wrong so any help what I should put in there for the script to run I would appreciate. At the moment nothing is downloaded to downloads folder.

From the python_scripts docs.

Each Python file created in the <config>/python_scripts/ folder will be exposed as a service.

So you can call your script in an automation with:

service: python_script.your_script

Nope. HA will check the <config>/python_scripts folder and expose any scripts it finds as a service.

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Ah that’s sorted it, thanks for the quick responses.