Newbie to the platform with a Tuya Garage Door opener question

Hi Team - Just switched to Home Assistant this week from a mix of Wemo and Tuya.

My Wemo is just about gone - One switch and motion sensor combo that works well in the garage due to stupid switch placement.

My issue is I have a Tuya Garage door opener. It is working perfectly with Tuya and perfectly with Home Assistant with the Tuya service as a Tap to Run scene as the opener isn’t natively supported. I’ve also installed the Homekit bridge and have a Home Pod mini so it opens and closes from there too from the same Tap to Run shortcuts.

The two “issues” I have are one with Siri I have to say “Turn on open garage door” and “Turn off open garage door” rather than just “Open garage door”. What can I do to simplify that if possible?

Secondly I have a Carplay stereo and I’m hoping the garage door button is going to appear magically on the stereo when I arrive home at some point. Any tips?? I have a contact with my home address, Track My Iphone knows my home as a result. Location is turned on for Homekit in privacy settings and Siri suggestions is on in Carplay. I’m wondering if it isn’t going to show as Homekit doesn’t really think it is a Garage Door opener as such??

Any tips Team.

PS - I got a cheap Tuya Zigbee gateway and a Zigbee mmWave person detector and its working flawlessly. Now when I enter my home office the light comes on, it stays on when I work in the office (Required flapping arms with the old Motion sensor) and it turns off 90 seconds after I exit the room. I set it to 90 seconds so if I pop to the kitchen for a snack or drink no point the lights going off and on.

The mmWave isn’t in anyway natively supported in Home Assistant so Tuya is doing the automations but its been absolutely flawless.

I’ve just ordered a Shelly EM and a couple of Clamps to start getting some data into the Energy reporting in Home Assist.

Its such a great app and so powerful and customisable (Only barely scratching the surface on that at present)