Newbie trying to integrate zigbee sensors?

Alright, so I have my HA system setup running on an Intel NUC. I’ve integrated a few Tuya wifi power plugs and cameras, a few Wifi LED’s and my Eufy cameras. Now it’s time to get serious with Zigbee, I have the HA Skyconnect stick added to the system and now want to add power plugs with energy monitoring, different sensors and temperature control and whatever else I may come up with.
If I can find the device of interest in the list at
then it’s all clear to go?
For example, I can find SONOFF sensors being supported, but not Aqara sensors. Does that mean I can’t use Aqara at all, or do I need to use an Aqara gateway or some other method?


You don’t mention if you plan on using ZHA or zigbee2mqtt. is zigbee2mqtt specific, but most devices will work with either.

The linked list places Aqara products under Xiaomi. Both ZHA and z2m work with most Aqara zigbee devices. Newly released products may take a little while to gain support. There might be a few other outliers, but if it’s widely available, it likely works with both. If it’s been on Amazon for more than a month, odds are 99%+ it works with both.

Aqara is a range by Xiaomi. Search for Xiaomi and you’ll find them.

That said:

  1. Be very careful with anything that mentions Tuya, results are likely to be poor to mixed
  2. Sonoff’s sensors are often problematic

For ZHA, read →

And →

Plus →

FYI, Zigbee2MQTT (zigbee-herdsman) EZSP adapter support works is still experimental [WIP]: EFR32 EZSP adapter implementation and test · Issue #319 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman · GitHub

Regardless of which Zigbee gateway solution you go with recommend follow →

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EDIT: this was aimed at Hedda’s link to HA-video, and Hedda’s Topics in Zigbee matters