Newbie tutorial for Apple watch complications and actions

Is there a tutorial that go over complications and actions for apple watch? I have done a couple of actions and complications on the iPhone app, but now will like to do a more complex ones requiring if/then statements. Doing it in the phone its a bit painful :frowning:


If you have already created a complication for your watch and it is working, then most likely you wont find any more extensive documentation on this. I am surprised, but I can hardly find any posts on apple watch complications with is disappointing. I am curious though, how you got yours working, because I set up a complication(very simple temperature gauge circle) and for reasons unknown, when I try to add the complication, the only thing that shows up for home assistance is something called “placeholder”. Not even sure what that is. Can you tell me what IOS you are running and what version of home assistant companion. I am running IOS15 and home assistant companion.2021.12.1. This is very frustrating because I think notifications and such with home assistant and the apple watch have so much potential.