[newbie] What to buy to start ZigBee or Tuya?

I have few Zigbee WIFI devices (electric plug, smoke detector etc)
I just installed my HA, bouglt Zigbbee USB dongle. Installed and configured Zigbee2MQTT
…and Ive get stuck …

Cannot connect my devices. Is this because those are Zigbee only ?

I can still return those products and buy other - what you recommend ?

  1. should I look for those marked Zigbee compatibile only ?
  2. maybe I can convert existing Tuya into Zigbee ?
  3. I read it should be avoided to use slow WIFI devices in home network because it slows down entore network WIFI connections (eg TV with Netflix…)

Sorry if this was answered earlier, i did some googling but havent found clear answers…


Normally a device is either Zigbee or Wifi. I have never seen a device that is both Zigbee and Wifi (except some coordinators, but that are not really devices)

if they have the Zigbee logo, they should be Zigbee compatible

Tuya has both Wifi as Zigbee devices

Thank you replying - apologies Ive apparently mixed things!
After more digging Im a bit smarter now :slight_smile: and know Tuya is not standard but just vendor name and in general Tuya WIFI & ZibBee are different connection protocols

I was able to connect Tuya devices using standard Tuya Integration (planing Local Tuya in longer term to be not depelndent of their cloud) . Also was able to connect Zigbee devices via Zigbee2MQTT
Al this is working well. Have a little issues with long distance connections when using Zigbee

So my only question for now is what is better to select Tuya WIFI or Zigbee ?
(if power consumption and distance are not key factors)