NEWBIE with a simple question

Hey all…glad to finally be here. Quick question. After an arduous config, I’ve got Home Assistant running on a NUC with a USB stick. Question is…should I leave the USB stick in for future reboots? Is the operating system running off the internal drive or off the USB. I ask because every time I reboot, the program seems to go thru the exact same configuration and reboot takes 10 minutes minimum. Doesn’t seem right.
Thanks in advance for any pointers.


If you installed correctly it should work without the stick. Why don’t you just try it be rebooting without it?

when I did, it booted to the existing Windows install.

Didn’t allow it to finish though. Thoughts?

OK…now I feel stupid. There’s a complete Windows 10 installed on the NUC. Where is HomeAssistant writing to and how do I boot to it? Can’t wait to get things going and dig in. Please assist!!!

You have to flash the HA OS image directly to your NUC’s SSD.

went the simpler route with Virtualbox. Once I figured out that Hyper-V needs to be OFF, it all worked fine. Thanks all.