Newbie, yaml color states not working

I have no experience with yaml.
My background is old school, programing in assembly and C

I want to create an automation, that change the rgb color

I followed a tutorial that create a rgb_esther in the config.yaml

name: RGB Colors Esther
- red
- green
- blue

I know that input works as I used another automation to cycle it

service: input_select.select_next
entity_id: input_select.rgb_esther
cycle: true

I am having troubles with

color_name: ‘{{ states(’‘input_select.rgb_esther’’) }}’

It is not doing what it supposed to do

I do not know how to troubleshoot the {{…}} Section and see it it return the expected red, green or blue string

Please post the full script/automation/card configuration you are using…
we need to know the context of color_name: '{{ states("input_select.rgb_esther") }}'.

Also, please use the Preformatted text tool to format your code blocks


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