Newer LIFX lights have no entry names

For some reason, all my recent LIFX bulbs with Matter compatibility show no entry name like my many other LIFX lights.

If I click the device itself, I can see the name:

I tried loading the Matter integration for these bulbs at some point, but since the LIFX integration is probably better than the Matter one (and a lot less work), I’m using the LIFX integration instead.

Sadly, that seems to be causing problems with these newer bulbs.

I have the same bulb and it’s working fine for me.

What version of Home Assistant are you running? Can you check what version of aiolifx you have installed for it too?

Aside: I have a bunch of improvements coming for the LIFX integration coming (hopefully) soon, including support for the LIFX Ceiling, which should hopefully include the ability to control the upligtht independently from the main light.

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I’m running 2024.6.4.

The two bulbs that don’t show up are the A21 and PAR38 models. I don’t have newer versions of the others.

How do I check the aiolifx version?

Download the diagnostics from the device page of any bulb that does appear.

They were missing that data for so long, but today, I went to get that data for you, and they’ve all got names now:

Whoops, I was wrong. They have device names, not entry names.

This is what I see:

Yeah, I’ve seen the lack of entry names before. It’s just an artifact of which discovery mechanism triggered the start of the configuration. It’s the one thing that isn’t corrected by the integration automatically either.

You can just delete the device and let it get rediscovered. It should then discover it with the correct name and thus create the configuration entry with the correct name too.

Is there a way we can fix the integration to update those names to what’s in the LIFX app when you haven’t configured a custom one yourself?

I don’t think so: that’s the name of the entity configuration that was used to discover the device, so the only way to change the name is to recreate the device, i.e. delete it and let it be rediscovered.

It’s very rare for me that it doesn’t discover my LIFX devices correctly, so my other piece of advice is to only add something that shows the correct name after discovery.

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Is there someone or somewhere I can report this as a bug and petition a change? Re-adding that many lights and fixing scenes and configs is gonna take hours. I’d prefer to simplify that process so it doesn’t happen again. Not one of my A21 nor PAR38 have ever shown anything other than their default “LIFX” entry name.

Interesting. If you delete just one and let it be rediscovered, does it get created with the correct name? It should recreate the entities with the same name as before, so your scenes and configs should be unchanged/still working.

I deleted 2 lights which are currently unavailable because I don’t have them in use right now, and they didn’t show up again. I’ll have to plug one in to test I guess.

I’m afraid to delete existing lights. Last time I did that, I had to re-add them everywhere.

This is all sounding a bit odd: you shouldn’t have to re-add them back after being rediscovered because we actually rediscover them all the time. It’s how the integration handles IP address changes, for example.

If you could pick the one light that has the least amount of references for a test, I’d appreciate it, because I really can’t reproduce this here. Oh, and please enable debug logging before you start and leave it running throughout, whether it works or not.