News briefing

Hello everyone,
I just introduced myself into this new world of automatization but I am trying to do something without success. My idea is to have latest news from 2-3 channels (ie. BBC, CNN, RTVE) play during morning. Of course I learnt to cast youtube videos to the tv but this is not exactly it. I would say that the most similar thing would be the “Ok google, watch latest news on TV” command. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Trying to think this out, you’ll need to either know the length of the stream or monitor the media_player status so you know when to jump from one channel to the next.
Is it at all possible that you may pause the news while playing? If so this needs to be thought through else you may skip to the next bit of news before completing the current one
Can you provide the news stream URLs as well as the entities name required?
Do you want an automation (if so what’s triggering it) or a script?
Depending on the TV you want to play this on, you may need to think about whether you need to turn the TV on and / or set the correct AV input prior to playing the news

Hi @lolouk44,

Thank you for your response. Im afraid your questions are harder than mine! I’ll try to explain myself.

I have a TV with androidtv already configured in hassio. I am able to power up the tv at 7 am. My next step is the news briefing, for this I would like two-three news channels (from youtube?) which auto start at 7 am. I am also able to auto play youtube videos. However, I dont know how to select the appropiate last briefing news. The idea behind this is to mimic google home as when I asked say asked: “Ok google, play the latest news on TV”. If it is possible to just use google assistant to communicate with my android tv, it would make the trick.

hmm ok. Not sure you can use google assistant from HA.
If you wanted to do it all from HA you’ll first need to retrieve the URLs or the video streams that you want to see. That will mean
scrape or rest sensors, depending on where the links are.

It could actually be easier to set a new routine in google assistant at 7AM to play each video stream one after the other…