Nexa AN-196 don't indicate for wallswitches

Hi, I’m strugging to get my Nexa AN-196 to work. Works fine with controlled with Home Assistant but with wallswitches, s1/s2, it don’t indicate back to HA. I’ve also got an extra entity switch_3 who respond to s1/s2 changes but that does not help me much. FYI switch_3 also controll L1.
Any idea someone?

I have the same problem and turned on polling at 60 seconds. I figure that somebody turn on the switch manually I do not have to see state change in the phone immediately.

Nexa AN-196 seem to be a rebranding of Everspring AN196. I cannot find any of them in Open Z-Wave’s list of compatible devices, so that is probably the problem.

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Top, that works fine, thanks Torbjorn!

I have the same problem, right now I’m using wall switches with springs that only gives a pulse to the AN-196.
Are you using springs or not?
Reading the manual it says under Configuration Parameter number 1-2, Switch type default 0 momentary, 1 toggle.
tried to change these values in the device inside Home assistant Integration but can’t find those values anywhere.

I’m using springs had no problems with that never changed settings for it. Så inte mycket hjälp men hoppas du får till det