Nexa Doorbell configuration for automation

I have just bought and installed a Nexa Dorrbell (LML 710).
It shows in HA but as always “On”. I cannot tell any difference of its status when the doorbell button is pressed.

In order to automate it I need to be able to tell whether the doorbell button actually has been pressed or not.


Does your sensor have any attributes? Maybe there’s a timestamp as last time pressed?

Not sure, how do I find out?

I think the Nexa is working on 433mhz, right ?

Maybe it only sends on signal, and then you have to make an automation turning it off after x seconds. Or depending how you get the signal in to HASS it maybe sends an button pressed event you can use.

Hi, yes it is 433mhz.
When I set the state as “off” in HA it takes around 30seconds before it witches to “on” again without any interaction.
Strange behaviour.

Well, I’m not familiar with the component, but most make a sensor that has several attributes. You can find it when you look up the sensor in the developer tools <>

So I have one of these devices… You need to make sure the device is getting enough voltage when you press the doorbell. I still have mine hooked up and it doesn’t ever see a voltage change.

The device itself is looking for greater than 14 volts.

If you are running a normal 16 volt transformer, chances are less than 14 volts are getting to the device. That means you’ll never see the trigger.

Second thing, if its always showing ‘on’, then you have it wired wrong. Make sure you have the leads connected properly. Mine always shows off and I verified this with a voltage meter, watching the volts change when I pressed the doorbell.


I just realized you have a different device from me. This post might be 100% wrong. I have a nexia doorbell sensor but its not wireless.

Yes, my reciever is connected to a wall plug so no wiring.

The only attributes availabe are:
friendly_name: Doorbell
assumed_state: true
So luck here either…

Hey there.

I think I solved your problem by creating another entity in Telldus Live (a Nexa self-learning on/off). Learn it your code from doorbells button. Go to Hassio.

First in configuration.yaml tell Telldus live to update per 5 seconds.

  update_interval: 5

Then go to automations.yaml and set up the automations you need.

Sorry for reanimating a old topic!
However, i have the exact same problem. Same doorbell and everthing and wanted to know if there ever was a solution to this issue?

I too have the same problem, does not seem to be any solutions to this though…