Nexa Tellstick and Sonoff bridge

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to use Nexa Tellstick devices with Sonoff?
For example the Nexa remote controlled outdoor outlet comes with a remote to operate it.
And they work with 433MHz right. So in theory i should be able to learn it’s code using Sonoff bridge?

Hi Jokke, have you had any luck finding out how to control Telldus sensors and other stuff with Sonoff Bridge ?
I also trying to find out what to do to make my Telldus Thermometer/Hygrometer work with Home Assistant since its almost impossible to get a Tellstick of any model, i wonder if the company Proove AB has gone bankrupt or what?
I have a Sonoff RFBridge R2 that i want to make able so i can control all 433 Mhz stuff i have in the house.

I have on my table right now a Sonoff RF bridge R2 and some Nexa devices as well as a Tellstick Net. The Sonoff does not seem able to learn the Nexa or Telldus signals. I am able to put the Sonoff in learn mode and I am spamming remote controls and signals through the Tellstick but nothing is picked up.

Anyone been able to get these to work together?