Next Alarm doesn't reset if turned off or passed

I’m trying to use the “next alarm” feature and it seems like for my girlfriend on her Samsung S23 Ultra it works well (with the Samsung clock) if she sets an alarm it shows up, if it passed or disabled the sensor turns to “unavailable”.
But for me on my S22 Ultra I tried both Google clock and Samsung, and I do choose both in the allowed apps cause otherwise my calendar takes over.
When I turn on an alarm, it shows well, but if it passed or was disabled it still persists on the sensor until a next one will be updated.
Is there a way to fix this for me somehow?

your calendar is still causing an issue, remove all entries and the sensor will work as expected…use a better calendar app like google calendar that does not abuse the alarm API to prevent that from happening.

I’m only using the Google calendar and I tried to both allow and not allow it on the “allowed apps”

as long as another app is setting an alarm you wont see things working as expected. The API is very literal in that it can only get the next scheduled alarm, and there can only be one at a time.

So what can I do? can I somehow disable Samsung calendar from doing it?

i dont know i dont use samsung , try deleting the events or clearing data?

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GREAT!!! It worked, I cleared cache and deleted data on the Samsung Calendar app and now it works well!
Thank you!

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