Next Phase - Rock Solid

Home Assistant is critical to running our homes. Therefore, it needs to be rock solid. Here are some thoughts:

Support for clustering. Multiple servers that communicate and can backup each other. If one goes down, the others keep running. This would require integrations and add ons to at least be aware of clustering. They could also support it. So, it will take time to implement.

Support for one or more hot spares. The hot spares could be single servers or clusters. They would be kept in sync with the main server/cluster and take over if it goes down. I would even support planned hot swaps. Once a month the spare becomes primary and the primary becomes a spare. This way you know everything will work when it is needed.

Remote spares. Nabu Casa could host them - for a fee. They spin up if nothing is working. They would be somewhat limited. But you never know. A simple proxy could make them very powerful.

AI log reviewer that looks for patterns in server logs. Based on this it identifies potential areas for improvement.

I am sure there are many more ideas. There should be an effort to brainstorm the ideas, prioritize them, and plan to implement them. This will ensure that Home Assistant is a robust tool that we can continue to rely upon.

Is it though?

If you have your system set up correctly you might miss some nice to have automation but it should still be possible to manually control everything during the short amount of time it takes to replace some hardware and restore a backup.


There’s already a feature request for redundancy, please vote there instead.

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