Next Project! Read the Arduino serial monitor on HA frontend

Hey guys, onto my next basic project.

I want to be able to read the serial monitor output on my HA Frontend, from there the next project will be making something useful of that info, but lets first just get it to read and display correctly.

Lets say im doing the basic thermostat project as described in the Arduino projects book. Basically i have a temp sensor hoked up to the breadboard and have it feeding info to the Arduino about the temp and i have it prgrammed as said to output to the serial monitor, what the temp is in meaningful terms.

So now, shouldnt there be a way i can just straight up output the serial monitor through a pin on the arduino, to a GPIO pin on the Pi and get that to display on the HA front end? I know i might need to use a voltage transfer or something.

Just wanted thoughts on how i could go about something like this. Im looking to incorporate basic functions of the ARduino (being a switch and being a sensor) straight to the Pi, and i thought using the GPIO pins would be the most direct and maybe even simple way to do it that would teach me the most about whats going on in general.

Would it be better to forgo the GPIO pins and just set it up through USB? How would i go abpot getting it to read the serial monitor then?

Thanks as always!

Our Arduino component is pretty basic but there is support for sensors and switches. The Firmata firmware is pre-installed on Arduino boards, so there is no need to take the detour to the serial monitor. Just hook up the sensors to the board and you are good to go (more or less).

As most people are using ESP8266 development boards nowadays because they already have WiFi support and costs less than 4 USD the support for USB connected Arduino boards was deferred.

The mysensors component supports arduino connected via serial port. Mysensors library 2.0 supports sensors on gateway which means you can connect an arduino with sensors directly to your host computer without any radios involved.

The mysensors component will not give you direct access to the serial port, if that’s what you’re after? It will just add the appropriate sensors in HA which will display the sensor values.