Next Sunrise, Sunset

Just migrated from Raspian to HASSIO and most of the devices are working. Having issues with at least 2.

  1. Under Raspian with the same config, it used to show Next sunrise and Next sunset and Local Nearest Storm Distance. Under HASSIO, they show blank and Local Nearest Storm Distance shows Unknown.
  2. Added this ssl expiry to my sensor.yaml. Every time it reboots, it prompts me to configure. But it just kept spinning when I click on config.
    - platform: cert_expiry

I replaced the timestamp_custom(’%D %-I:%M %P’) with timestamp_custom(’%-H:%M’) and now the tie shows in both Next Sunrise and Next Sunset. Not sure why (’%D %-I:%M %P’) worked under Raspbian but not HASSIO. Can someone help me out explaining what the difference between the 2 timestamp formats are?