NextDNS Integration: Temporarily Disable Blocking

Allow the new NextDNS Integration to change the NextDNS configuration ID. This would resolve a long-standing NextDNS user request - the ability to temporarily disable blocking.

To accomplish this currently:

  • I have two NextDNS configurations, one for standard blocking and one for no blocking (i.e. no blocklists are specified, but other protection remains in place).
  • I have a Raspberry Pi running the NextDNS CLI and use an MQTT message from Home Assistant to execute a CLI command to change the configuration; specifically, “sudo nextdns install -config XXXXXX”.
  • Using a helper switch, anyone in the household can say “Alexa, turn off blocking” and a script or Node Red flow sends the no blocking configuration ID to the Pi and, 30 seconds later, sends the blocking configuration ID to reenable it

Family members are much more accepting of blocking now that they have the ability to temporarily turn it off.

The configuration IDs are 6 characters and are associated with the account (thus should be able to use the same API key).

Note: There are activate/deactivate options in the NextDNS CLI but I could not get them to work. If reliable, that would be useful also.

I would be happy to help test if this is developed.