Nexus Player detected twice

For some reason, HassIO is detecting my nexus player twice. It was previously working properly, so aside from updating HassIO, I’m not sure what’s changed, or how to fix it. I’ve looked through my configuration for any instance of either nexus player showing up, and I can only find reference to the original.

I’d like to fix this, because I’ve got automations set up to trigger for when I’m watching TV, and they’re all based on the original entry, which never changes from idle.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? I’d really rather not change my automations to use the second entry, since that’s just a work around the problem, and doesn’t actually address it.

Do you have it setup in Chromecast group or something.
That causes similar issue

does it have a static IP?

It does not have a static IP - it’s using DHCP from my router to get an address. I have no chromecast groups or anything of that nature. I’ve also checked my known devices file, and it does not appear in there.

I have noticed that my nexus player advertises over bluetooth - could it be confusing Home Assistant that it has a bluetooth address and a wifi address? If that were the case, I’d have expected to see it in my known devices file.

no, more than likely your device rebooted and got another IP address from the router and thus 2 entries. Go in your router and assign a static IP to the device and it shouldnt happen again.

One of them is from Chromecast and the other is the Plex app.

This. I had the same issue with both my Chromecast and AppleTV. Once I set them up with a static address, it didn’t happen any longer.

A good rule of thumb is to set static IPs to any device that Hass controls, this way if you reboot your router, they’ll all have the same IP and work as expected.

Static IP has indeed fixed the problem! Thanks so much for the help.

Seems my conclusion was premature - I’m still seeing two nexus player devices showing up, despite assigning it a fixed IP.

If you use Plex, the second one is the Plex app and the first one is Chromecast.

That’s good to know - I do indeed use plex. Is there any way to either merge the two, or separate them explicitly? It’s frustrating since it does not appear reliable to determine which is which - they do not always appear in the same order.

I use this to help make sense of things:

  - platform: plex
    entity_namespace: 'plex'
    use_custom_entity_ids: true

After enabling that, your Plex clients will show up as media_player.plex_UUID_com_plexapp_android, which you can rename to something meaningful using the customize section.