NFC (beta)

I was using Tasker and an NFC plugin to turn off my lights when I put my phone on the tag at night (this would fire once and that was it). I have set up the same automation to trigger now using the NFC function in the app. It works perfectly BUT - it keeps firing. I only want it to fire once when the phone rests on the tag but it randomly keeps detecting the tag. The tag is on the charging bay just before anyone suggests I simply move the phone :slight_smile:

Is there a way to only have it fire once on a detect - I don’t need repeated detects.

Thanks in advance.

I get the same but it will only give the duplicate scans if the phone locks and I unlock it when it is still on the tag. Is that what you are seeing? If so, this actually seems to be the same for other NFC apps on the phone, so doesn’t seem to be specific to the HA Android app and maybe the Tasker NFC plugin is doing something to filter out these.

Nope - mine just keeps triggering with the app, going back to tasker all is fine. Most strange :frowning:

Can your phone scan NFC tags when it’s locked? I believe some can (for a short time Android had an option when you could use NFC tags for Smart Lock) but mine doesn’t and that might be why they’re acting differently.

I do some checking and I’ll see what happens - I’ll feed back.


No matter what I do - it just keeps reading the tag over and over :frowning: I’m sure that can’t be normal behaviour - it would make paying for goods entertaining :frowning:

It’s a Google Pixel 3 if that makes any difference.