NFC shortcuts to HA views or cards

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I would like to use NFC tags with my Android phone to open HA app and navigate to a certain dashboard view (or card).
E.g. when I enter the living room, I would scan the NFC tag there, which would directly lead me to the appropriate HA card containing the options I need at this place (without executing any other specific action).
With OpenHAB’s Android app this is possible, as I remember, in every menu’s (card’s) options to write an NFC tag to jump there.
Is this also possible with the Home Assistant Android app?
Thank you

Jep, it’s possible. Just write a URL to the NFC tag to open the page. Or scan it through the HA app to have the NFC tag in HA too and manage it from there.

Thank you, this works partly for me.

E.g. http://ha:8123/lovelace-dashboard/floor1 opens the usual web browser on the phone (not the HA app). This is basically fine, but opening the app would be more convenient.

In addition, it would be great if a URL like http://ha:8123/lovelace-dashboard/floor1/card5 would work (to jump directly to a certain card - does not work for me at the moment).

Is there a way to achieve a solution for both issues?

I’d suggest you read this blog post. It covers all available options, including deep linking for both iOS and Android.

See if theres a scenario that could fit your needs: How-to: Using NFC Tags to trigger device or home automations

As for the second thing, unfortunately not possible at the moment. What you could do is make a view/page with only that specific card you’re looking for and open that url.

So you’ll have a few for desktop and regular usage and a few pages that are simply for that wat you’re trying to achieve.